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DescriptionDeeds and papers of the Burgh family relating to Brough 1270-1562.
Brough and Catterick deeds relating to the Brough estate after the Burgh-Lawson marriage 1566-1891.
Yorkshire deeds, excluding Brough and Catterick 1190-1725.
Yorkshire estate management records 1590-1940.
Neasham Priory deeds 12th century-1666.
Newcastle estate deeds, correspondence, leases and manorial records 1310-1911 including Catterick manor court book 1833-1869 .
Deeds and papers relating to places other than Yorkshire, Neasham and Newcastle 1200-1867.
Wills, settlements and mortgages of the Lawson family 1519-1921.
Personal papers 1607-1910 including records of Henry Lawson of Neasham (d.1607), paper relating to H.L.'s refusal to pay rates; Ralph Lawson (d.1623) papers 1592-1616; Henry Lawson (d.1636) papers 1625-1633; Sir John Lawson, 1st bart. (d.1698) papers 1646-1698; Sir Henry Lawson, 2nd bart. (d.1725) papers 1686-1714; Sir John Lawson, 3rd bart. (d.1739) papers 1726-1729; Sir Henry Lawson, 4th bart. (d.1781) papers 1740-1779; John Lawson of Bath (d.1791) papers 1771-1791; Sir John Lawson, 5th bart. (d.1811) papers 1780-1810; Sir Henry (Maire) Lawson, 6th bart. (d.1834) papers 1777-1831; Sir William (Wright) Lawson, 1st bart., 2nd creation (d.1865) papers 1833-1852; Henry Lawson (d.1857): lines written on his death 1857; Sir John Lawson, 2nd bart., 2nd creation (d.1910) papers 1871-1910; Sir Henry Lawson, 3rd bart. (d.1947) papers 1923-1946, vouchers 1910-1918;
Records of the Lawson family acting as trustees and beneficiaries for other persons and families 1567-1863.
Miscellaneous records 1649-1928.
Maps and plans 1727-1927.
Architectural drawings, prints and other illustrative material 17th century-20th century.
Date13th century-20th century
Catalogue statusCatalogued
Access conditionsOpen


CopiesParts of this collection have been microfilmed [MIC 0671, 0672, 0936, 1002, 1048, 1277, 1278, 1279, 1280, 2015, 2114, 2115, 2116, 2117, 2118, 2124, 2135, 2389, 2974, 3378].
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