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DescriptionTitle deeds including copies of original title deeds 1475-1651; settlements, wills and purchases of the Bathurst family 1656-1809; settlements, wills and purchases of Turner, Sleigh and Forster 1700-1799; settlements, wills and purchases of George Brown 1733-1874; settlements, wills and purchases of John and Jemima Gilpin and Lady Preston 1706-1884; settlements, wills and purchases of George Gilpin Brown 1658-1893; settlements, wills and purchases of George Thomas Gilpin Brown 1664-1919; purchases by Colonel Wilson 1658-1919; miscellaneous deeds relating to Arkengarthdale 1678-1928, Darlington and Yarm 1679-1680, Deighton 1866, Deighton and Brompton 1874, Gilling 1898, Greatham 1825, Hurst 1920, London 1861, Marrick 1870, North Cowton 1857, Ravensworth 1825-1827, Richmond 1733, Sedbury 1801-1918, Skutterskelf and Thoraldby 1718-1754, Thornaby 1810-1863, West Hope 1771-1867, Hallgate 1641-1901, Newforest 1799-1823.
Lead mining deeds 1729-1870; mining books and papers including the minute of 'Journal Book' of the Lords of Arkengarthdale recording the resolutions and directives issuing from their regular meetings 1777-1799, pay books 1870-1896.
Manorial records including those of the manor court 1902-1918; probate court 1724-1830.
Estate records for Arkengarthdale and related places including leases and assignments 1657-1824, rentals 1794-1891, account books and vouchers 1800-1961, boundary records 1700-1812, sale particulars 1856-1926, general estate papers 1701-1930, Arkengarthdale Church 1816-1837, Arkengarthdale School 1857-1906; Deighton estate records 1836-1918; Gilling estate records 1847-1875; Hurst and Marrick estate records 1885-1894; Norton estate records 1770-1842; Ravensworth estate records 1863; Sedbury estate records 1825-1865; Stockton estate records 1815-1907; Thornaby estate records 1849-1897; Common rights and sporting rights records 1803-1930.
Maps and plans of Arkengarthdale and Swaledale 1718-1930, Healaugh 1770, Whaw n.d., Hurst n.d., Spennithorne 18th century, Hope 1877-1914, Stanwick 1914, Northamptonshire n.d., Ellerton 1828.
Charles Bathurst estate legal papers 1681-1687.
George Brown Trust and trustee papers 1815-1918.
Dame Elizabeth Preston Trust and trustee papers 1828-1848.
Arkengarthdale parish records including copies of the parish register 1735, notes on the formation of a Parish Council 1894, overseers valuations list 1877-1915.
Wills and related papers of Thomas Peacock of Hope 1784, Christopher Brown of Bowes 1786, George Brown of Stockton 1805-1809, Hannah Peacock of Hope 1809, William Welbank 1812, Joseph Wilson of Stainton in Cleveland 1805-1827, Joseph Hutchinson of Newforest 1831, Christopher Peacock of Hope 1843, William Sampson of London 1848, Mary Ware of Hendon Hall 1850, John Roberts of Holyhead 1860, George Robinson of Richmond 1858-1870, Bernard Gilpin Brown 1873, William Wright 1897-1900.
Miscellaneous records including letters, papers, notes and accounts 1810-1840; papers relating to the estate of the late Mr Stubbs and John Close of Hurworth 1820-1842 and others.
Business records including account books 1825-1890; papers 1865-1919 including Coroners Inquest papers, shipping records and extracts from the London Gazette.
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CopiesParts of this collection have been microfilmed [MIC 1123, 1124, 1182, 1183, 1184, 1157, 1158, 1982, 2023, 2024, 2620, 2621, 2626, 2633, 3591].
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