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DescriptionAdministrative records including minutes of Durham Quarterly Meeting 1841-1857, school committee rough minute books 1841-1883, Women's committee 1841-1954, House committee 1896-1903, General purposes committee 1906-1932, staff meeting minutes 1923-1977, Games committee 1941-1961, House championship 1915-1953, Ayton School committee 1953-1997; agenda for Big School and staff meetings 1959-1965; Prospectuses 19th century-1980s; Reports on the work of the school 1904-1992; General Meeting records 1910-1955; Scholarships and bursaries; Activities with other Friends' Schools n.d.; Friends' Schools rules and regulations n.d.
Pupil records including applications 1860s-1950; admission registers 1841-1997; form and other registers 1845-1952; time books 1843-1860; examinations 1846-1950; pupils' files 1947-1958; former pupils 1844-1977.
Records of pupils' work including a school diary 1886-1958; class work 1930-1996; school concerts and entertainment 1939-1993.
School society records including Ayton School Literary Association 1896; Senior Literary Society 1914-1957; Natural History Society 1913-1948; The Brains Club 1941-1943.
"Beckside" School magazine 1911-1982.
Old Scholars records including minutes of meetings of Ayton Old Scholars Association 1888-1889; minute book 1949-1958; AOSA correspondence 1947-1951; annual reports 1946- 1950; programme for Whitsuntide Reunion 1945; plans and letters relating to the rose garden presented to the school to commemorate Evelyn Nicholson's retirement 1967.
Staff records including applications and appointments 1947-1986; contracts and agreements 1844-1962; staff files and correspondence 1917-1981; staff duties 1958-1990; diary of Daniel Browning, master 1901-1902.
Correspondence and papers 1843-1977.
Accounts including admission accounts 1848-1896; fees books 1895-1973; cash books 1848-1972; wages books 1915-1973; wages and petty cash books 1916-1952; petty cash books 1951-1985; pay bills cash analysis 1878-1982; building fund 1968-1979; purchase Journals 1916-1951; ledgers 1841-1952; house accounts 1880-1928; farm accounts 1841-1895; children's accounts 1906-1949; miscellaneous accounts 1842-1974.
Building appeals 1892-1970s.
Scrapbooks of newspaper and press cuttings 1931-1990s.
Histories of the Friends' School in Great Ayton 1941-1991.
Records relating to other Friends' Schools including Rawdon 1844-1984; Brookfield, in County Antrim 1844; Ackworth 1940-1985; Bootham, York 1937-1971; The Mount, York 1937- 1972; Sibford, Banbury 1943; Sidcot 1942-1972; Saffron Walden 1702-1979; Leighton 1926; miscellaneous 1921.
Printed books relating to Great Ayton 1901 and the Friends' Schools 1968-1989.
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CopiesParts of this collection have been microfilmed [MIC 3715, 3491, 4056, 4326].
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