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DescriptionTitle deeds relating to Malton 1639-1945, New Malton 1568-1908, Old Malton 1710-1935, Marton upon Fennitt 1833, Easthorpe 1800, Bedfordshire 1651, Northamptonshire 1680-1763, Norton 1768-1942, Hutton Bushell 1722, Barmby 1722-1833, Elvington in the East Riding 1799, Stamford Bridge 1814-1832, Foston 1886-1891, and Hutton Ambo 1768-1903; wills, settlements and mortgages 1828-1898

Manorial records relating to Old Malton, New Malton and Hutton Bushell manor courts 1730-1902

Estate records including terriers valuations and surveys 1593-1870; rentals for Malton 1712-1902, High Ferrers and Harrowden 1811-1816; stewards' and agents' account books 1750-1924; Malton estate accounts, vouchers and rentals 1750-1924 including Derwent Navigation accounts 1805-1855; agents' correspondence and papers 1719-1940; solicitors' correspondence and papers 1826-1896; tenancy records 1750-1904; building and repair records 1780-1903; Mills in Old and New Malton 1774-1903; Hemsworth Hospital records 1688-1909; roads 1802-1886; timber and game 1844-1916; taxation records 1797-1913; insurance 1824-1956; sales catalogues 1853-1953

Enclosure records for Bulmer 1771-1776; Malton 1731-1775; Old Malton Moor, parliamentary enclosure 1790-1812.

Legal records including cases and opinions 1796-1893.

Rectory and tithe records for Bulmer rectory 1773-1778; Malton rectory 1699-1904; Malton tithes 1782-1907; Norton rectory 1838; Rillington and Scampston rectories 1842; Thorpe Bassett rectory 1764-1886; West Heslerton rectory 1766; Yedingham rectory 1818-1889; and Higham Ferrers rectory 1870.

Churches and chapel records for Saint Mary's Church, Old Malton 1732-1886; Saint Leonard's Church, New Malton 1808-1906; Saint Michael's Church, New Malton 1798-1884; Malton Independent Chapel, Savile Street 1815-1816; Malton Baptist Chapel, Low Street 1822-1823; Yedingham Church plans n.d.

Civil parish and borough records including rating and valuation in Old and New Malton 1822-1849; Old Malton surveyors of the bye-ways 1809-1889; drains 1812-1838; committee for flagging the streets of Malton 1798-1833; Malton workhouse records 1789-1872; Borough and UDC sanitation 1853-1933; customal roll of the borough of Malton 1921.

School records for Malton Elementary Schools 1813-1907 and Malton Grammar School 1839-1908.

Trade and communications records including Malton butter and wool markets 1738-1740; Malton cattle market 1855-1934; board of trustees for the improvement of the Borough of Malton 1845-1855; Derwent Navigation records 1702-1918; Rye and Derwent Drainage records 1790-1914; Pocklington, Market Weighton and Humber Navigation and Drainage 1767; Beverley to Struncheon Hill Drainage 1798; Muston to Malton Drainage 1773-1804; York, Malton and Scarborough turnpike road 1798; Old Malton and Pickering turnpike road 1786-1814; Malton to Driffield and Thirsk to Malton railway records 1855-1858; Gilling to Helmsley railway records 1869; North Eastern railway records 1870; York to Scarborough to Pickering railway records 1845.

Election papers for elections in the Borough of Malton, County of York and North Riding 1669-1878.

Societies and institution records including those for the Union Society in New Malton 1745-1768; the Malton Hunt and Malton Races 1796-1815; Spring Hall Pauper Institute 1818; Old Malton Association for the Prosecution of Felons 1818-1821; Malton Literary Institute 1856; Malton Dispensary 1867-1901; Northwich Dispensary 1859-1861; Malton and Castle Howard Nursing Association 1906.

Family presentations, personal and executorship papers relating to the Honorable W C Wentworth Fitzwilliam's coming of age 1833; address to C W W Fitzwilliam 1885-1886; Earl and Countess Fitzwilliam's golden wedding 1888; Viscount Milton's marriage 1896; the Honorable G W Fitzwilliam 1863; the Honorable Alice Louisa Wentworth's executorship 1869-1889; general executorship papers of Fitzwilliam family 1879-1884.

Maps and plans of the Malton estate 1770-1901; drainage plans 1804-1813; estate plans other than Malton 1771-1853; historical plans n.d.; Ordnance Survey maps 1854-1911; architectural drawings 1799-1929; railway plans 1845-1852.

Lieutenancy of the North Riding records 1745.
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Administrative historyThe manors of Old and New Malton were purchased by the Honorable Thomas Wentworth from the heirs of the Eure family in 1713. Thereafter various burgages mainly in New Malton were also purchased by Thomas Wentworth between 1713 and 1723, and the estate at Malton was later enlarged by his son Sir Thomas Watson Wentworth (created Lord Malton in 1728, Earl of Malton in 1733 and Marquess of Rockingham in 1746). In 1778, Sir Thomas Watson Wentworth's son Charles, second Marquess of Rockingham (twice Prime Minister), was granted a crown lease of property in New Malton but there are no deeds of purchases made by the second Marquess in this collection. The second Marquess died childless in 1782, and it was by the marriage in 1744 of his sister Anne Watson Wentworth with William Fitzwilliam, third Earl Fitzwilliam, that the Malton estate came to their son William, Fourth Earl Fitzwilliam, who took the additional surname Wentworth. The fourth Earl and his son and grandson, the fifth and sixth Earls continued to purchase property in Old and New Malton between 1788 and 1893.

From the terriers and valuations in the collection, it becomes apparent that by the early 19th century, property acquired outside Malton was being administered as part of the Malton estate and the estate is referred to by the terriers as "the Malton Collection". Lands in the towns or parishes of Norton, Barmby on the Marsh, Stamford Bridge, Sutton upon Derwent, and Bishopsoil, all in the former East Riding, as well as in Appleton le Street, Huttons Ambo, Buttercrambe and Pickering Marish in the North Riding, now came under the purview of the Malton agents, along with the Hemsworth Hospital estate (Malton) leased to Earl Fitzwilliam, and the tolls of the Derwent Navigation. This meant that parts of the estate were remote from Malton and appeared to necessitate the use of sub-agents at places such as Barmby on the Marsh in the south of the East Riding. Correspondence between the agent WC Copperthwaite at Malton and John Buttle at Barmby relating to workers and tenants at Barmby in the 1850's seem to bear this out.

The estate records comprise the larges section of the collection. The rentals date back to the time the estate was acquired by the Honorable Thomas Wentworth and there is one early Malton survey 1593, which predates the Wentworth ownership of the estate. The majority of the records are eighteenth and nineteenth century and include a good run of agents' accounts, from 1750, vouchers dating mainly from mid 19th century to 1924, a number of estate plans from 1770 and a series of architects' drawing of Malton property dating from around 1799. Agents' correspondence and private papers from a considerable part of the estate section.

James Preston was steward fro the Second Marquess of Rockingham for the Malton collection from 1750-1762 and Richard Fenton agent from 1770-1780. William Hastings was agent for Earl Fitzwilliam from 1786-1808. His records are the most complete and the most carefully kept of all the agency documents. As well as being Earl Fitzwilliam's agent, he was also a surveyor in his own right and undertook work on the Old Malton to Pickering turnpike road in 1788 and was surveyor of the roads an works of the Old Malton enclosure in 1794. He was also a deputy sheriff of the North Riding 1782-1786, treasurer of the committee for rebuilding the workhouse in Malton 1789, Captain of Malton Volunteers 1803, and a president of the Black Bull Club, Malton, at the beginning of the 19th century. He was succeeded as agent by S H Copperthwaite 1808-1816, and then by William Allen from 1816-1853. Allen was a solicitor and a stud owner, he was also a partner in a banking business and a man of property. His successor was William Charles Copperthwaite, once Borough Bailiff of Malton (an office held by Earl Fitzwilliam's nominee) and a compiler of a statistical survey of Malton in 1841. Thereafter the agents were Admiral G H Douglas 1879-1883, Frederick J Sharp 1883-1887, Gervase Markham 1887-1910, A Hugh Doughlas 1912-1920 and Colonel W H Diggle from 1920.

The bundles of estate correspondence of the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries reveal that the Fitzwilliam family kept firmly in touch with their Malton estates from Wentworth Woodhouse and Milton (where they had their seats) and who the paternal nature of their interest in the estate (see ZPB/III/6/2/1).

There are virtually no private papers of the Fitzwilliam family amongst the Malton records; these will have to be sought amongst the records at Wentworth Woodhouse, although certain personal details can be gleaned from the estate correspondence. Other papers of interest in the collection include those relating to the maintenance and management of the Derwent Navigation (ZPB/X/4), the 1807 election (ZPB/X) and Malton Mills 1774-1836 (ZPB(M)/3/10/3) which include plans and estimates for rebuilding after fires there in 1796 and 1802.
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