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TitleDr Arthur Raistrick papers
DescriptionDr Arthur Raistrick's field notebook, c1948, containing notes on mere stones, Fancarl Circles, Welsh Copper Mines, Wall Marks, new lands, Grassington [1 file]

Dr Arthur Raistrick's field notebook, 1948-1949, containing notes on mere stones, limekiln measurements and sketches, enclosures on Tag Bale, Malham excavations, Priest Ho remains [1 file]

Notebook regarding quarries, Swale, lectures, Crosshills, Craven, Wharfedale

Drawings of items from Jubilee cave, Settle

Article 'The Natural History of Malham Tarn' by Paul F Holmes, 1965

Paper 'The Correlation of Coal Seams by Micro-spore Content, part II - the Trencherbone Seam, Lancashire, and the Busty Seams, Durham.'

Article 'Geographical Distribution of Vegetation in Yorkshire' by Dr William G Smith, 1903

Article 'Plant remains in post-glacial gravels near Leeds' by A Raistrick and T W Woodhead, 1930

Article 'A Mesolithic Site on the South-East Durham Coast' by A Raistrick, G Coupland and F Coupland, 1936

A Preliminary Note on the Glaciation of Borrowdale, Cumberland, 1925

Paper 'Notes on Wharfedale Smelt Mills' by A Raistrick, 1969 [paper read at Northern Cavern and Mine Research Society conference, Skipton

Article 'On Samian Ware from Ilkley and a pig of lead with Roman Inscription, now in the Craven Museum, Skipton' by Dr A Raistrick, 1930

Article 'A gravimeter survey in the Craven district of north-west Yorkshire' J T Whelton et al, 1956

Article 'Age-relations of the Epigenetic Mineral Deposits of Britain' by K C Dunham, 1952

Article 'Epigenetic Mineralization in Yorkshire' by K C Dunham, 1959

Article 'Syngenetic and Diagenetic Mineralization in Yorkshire' by K C Dunham, 1960

Article 'Lead Mining and Smelting in West Yorkshire' by A Raistrick, 1927

Article 'The steam engine on Tyneside, 1715-1778' by A Raistrick, 1937

Article 'Note on four Roman leads from the Grosvenor Museum, Chester' by G Clement Whittick and J A Smythe, 1935

Article 'The South Yorkshire Ironmasters, 1690-1750' by A Raistrick and E Allen

Article 'Analysis of some Lake District Peats' by A Raistrick and Kathleen B Blackburn, 1932

Article 'The Founders' Meer' by Dr A Raistrick

Article 'Fourteen and ten meers mines and other eighteenth century mine disputes on Grassington Moor' by A Raistrick

Article 'Grassington Moor Mines' by A Raistrick, 1954

Article 'Extractive Industries' by G Poole and A Raistrick, 1949

Article 'The Darbys of Coalbrookdale' by A Raistrick, 1959

Notes and index cards on various topics including Swale family, Coniston, forests

Geological map of Yorkshire

Pamphlet 'A Postman's Round, 1858-61'

Countryside Walks Around Bradford, 1981

Lecture notes for Earby Mines Research Group

Drawing of site at 'Penigent Gill'

Drawing of Pikesaw wall passage

Plan of Skipton in c1300

Records of cylinder sinking, Skipton

Article and photograph 'We Live in a Barn' by S Elizabeth Raistrick, regarding their house in Linton

Drawing and text regarding Virgin Moss Mine, Apedale, Wensleydale

Drawings of Yockenthwaite Long Houses

Drawings of Old Hall, Threshfield

Brayshays accounts of calamine, 1798

Bill, James Hird, Swan Inn, Gargrave

Notes and photographs regarding Grassington Moor mine founders boundary stones

Display of the life and work of Dr Arthur Raistrick [mainly copy photographs with captions], 2000
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