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DescriptionTitle deeds relating to their North Riding estate including Aldborough, Boroughbridge, Great Burton, Little Burton, Constable Burton, Grewelthorpe, Harmby, Nosterfield, Pickhill, Roxby, Scotton, Spennithorne, Swainby, Mappleton, Edlington, Carlton in Kesteven and others; the partition of the Scrope estates 1517-1523; purchases by Robert Wyvill of Little Burton 1523; purchases by Marmaduke Wyvill 1578-1617; purchases by Marmaduke Wyvill 1617-1648; purchases by Christopher Wyvill 1648-1681; purchases by Marmaduke Wyvill 1684-1722; purchases by Marmaduke Asty Wyvill 1754-1774; purchases by Reverend Christopher Wyvill 1774-1822; purchases by Marmaduke Wyvill 1822-1872; North Riding estate at Cayton and Osgodby 1714-1775; Lincoln property of the Wyvills 1567-1568; Durham estate 1592; West Riding estate of the Ibbetsons of Denton 1253-1795; Essex estate relating to Black and White Notley 1571-1707; miscellaneous deeds 1716-1800; exchanges of land in Spennithorne and Garriston 1576, High Burton 1802-1826, Low Burton 1802-1813, Fingall 1823-1827, Masham 1823, Thornton Watlas 1823, Hunton 1823, Askwith 1886; deeds of the Tarring Company in Sussex 1653-1718; Masham markets and fairs 1551; Swetton and Claresmore 1606.
Abstracts of title and schedules of title deeds 1720-1900 including a schedule of title deeds relating to the estate of the late Lord Fairfax in Yorkshire 1638-1717 and particulars of the estate at Hunton belonging to the executors of Admiral Wyvill 1864.
Wills, settlements, mortgages of the Wyvill and Ibbetson family 1518-1896.
Estate documents including rentals for Constable Burton 1816-1910, Osgodby 1715, Denton and Askwith 1869-1910, Halifax 1815-1836, Black Notley 1540-1817, Northumberland 1790; surveys, valuations, and particulars of sale for Constable Burton estate 1575-1929, Denton estate 1595-1900, Essex estate 1590-1790; leases for Great Burton 1538, Constable Burton estate 1567-1883, Ellerton lead mines 1850, Harmby quarry 1878, Osmondthorpe in the parish of Leeds 1767, Gomersall 1794-1799, Halifax 1833, Brownsholme Wood 1872, Leeds Kirkgate 1694, Carleton Scrope 1558, Black Notley estate 1793-1820, Walsham in the Willows 1719, Ormond Street House in London 1704-1755, miscellaneous 1706-1904; accounts 1754-1919 concerning payments and receipts of Denton and Burton estates and including household expenses, farm expenditure, wages of servants and estate workers, family spending at home and abroad and servants' expenditure books; vouchers 1832-1918 dealing mainly with Constable Burton and Denton. Later vouchers include income tax receipts and licences for dogs and male servants, for fishing, gamekeepers, carriages, motor cars, guns, for killing game and for using armorial bearings; Denton Shooting Association agreements, leases and regulations 1877-1888; Land Improvement Company records 1856-1890; miscellaneous estate records 1640-1902.
Manorial records including court rolls for Constable Burton manor 1549-1818, verdicts of amerciaments of Constable Burton manor 1575-1790, account rolls 1415-1438 covering Hunton, Garriston, Thirn, Clifton on Yore, Watlass, Bellerby and Coverham; manor of Denton court rolls 1817-1818; Essex estate court rolls 1391-1780, rentals 1725.
Maps and plans of Cayton 1730, Grinton 1766, Constable Burton 1785-1910, Carltonhighdale 1810, Hunton 1820, Fingall 1845, Ellerton in Swaledale 1837-1860, Harmby 1862, Askwith 1781-1897, Denton area 1865-1904, Ilkley 1891-1900, Bolton Percy 1897, general maps of England and the World 1794-1925.
Letters and papers including general correspondence of the families 1510-1917; Reverend Christopher Wyvill (1738-1822) political papers 1780-1822; Marmaduke Wyvill political papers 1826-1915; Christopher Wyvill (1792-1863) RN 1826-1872 including naval papers 1840-1857; the Price family 1824-1915; Frederic C Wyvill's papers 1867-1886.
Executorial papers 1688-1900 including papers of Miss MJ Richardson's trust 1896-1913.
Records of business interests relating to canals including correspondence 1888-1903, accounts 1888-1907, reports and minutes 1886-1903, Acts of Parliament 1889-1906, the Regents Canal 1812-1993, Bedale Navigation 1769-1780, maps and plans 1818-1895, miscellaneous canal records 1806-1896; railways including particulars of land, books of reference and planning notices 1852-1912; lead mining papers including accounts, pay bills and letters concerning the Wyvills' activities on Ellerton Moor, Bishopdale Common and Arkengarthdale; Ilkley Wells hydropathic establishment brochure and notices of meetings 1890-1898.
Legal papers 1555-1909 including deeds of co-partnership between Ibbetson and Koster 1748-1755, an agreement for the division of West Scrafton pasture 1776, a dispute over boundaries of Osgodby manor 1790 and the boundaries of Woodale and Bradley 1792.
Financial affairs including bonds 1547-1833, receipts and releases of legacy 1591-1866.
Tithe papers for Osmondthorpe 1630-1766, Harmby and Black Notley 1838, Garriston 1840-1849, Constable Burton 1847, Hunton 1848.
Parish records for Masham 1636; Scorton School 1720-1721; Denton 1804-1882 including Denton Overseers of the Poor accounts 1804-1843, constables' accounts 1815-1860, surveyors' accounts 1812-1860, Denton School 1880-1901; Constable Burton School 1892-1908, Constable Burton parish meeting minute book 1894-1916.
Public office records relating to Local Government 1877-1910, appointments to Office in government and armed forces 1634-1902, accounts of officers 1536-1773.
Advowson records 1571-1763.
Family records relating to mansions, parks and houses including a sale at Constable Burton 1832, sale of Black Notley 1834, leasing of Constable Burton estate 1863-1864, insurance of Constable Burton 1881, tenders and specifications 1880-1888, Bournemouth 1891-1897, London Houses 1896-1902, inventories of goods in the mansions at Dentron Park and Constable Burton 1840-1902, sale at and letting of Dentron Park estate 1902-1903, portraits for Constable Burton 1905, sale of paintings from Constable Burton 1905, miscellaneous books used in the administration of the houses 1888-1911, game books of family and guests at the mansion 1866-1914; diaries journals and memoranda books 1820-1913 including the diaries of Marmaduke Wyvill at Eton 1863-1865; photographs and drawings of family members and of holiday scenes at home and abroad 1871-1906; pedigrees of the Wyvill family, Scroope family, and the Randall family 1540-1874; Wyvill family honours 1611-1753 including a patent of baronetcy 1611; Wyvill family miscellanea 1508-1915 including political papers 1896-1916, travel brochures 1901-1903, scrapbook 1890-1913, household and personal accounts 1842-1880; Ibbetson family miscellanea 1692-1860; general family miscellanea 1287-1914.
Printed books 1774-1907 including Eton College Register 1774; John Scott, Draining and Embanking 1883; New South Wales handbook 1884; New South Wales year book 1885; New South Wales year book 1889; Flock book of Wensleydale Long-wool sheep, Volume VII 1896; Agricultural Annual and Mark Lane Express Almanac 1896; Journal of Farmers' Club, Government Bill for amendment of Agricultural Holdings Acts, by SBL Druce, 1900; Small holdings and allotments in plain language, by HW Gibson, 1907.
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