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DescriptionTitle deeds relating to the Kiplin Hall estate including purchases 1558-1905 and sales 1766-1938; title deeds relating to other property in Buckinghamshire 1630-1792, Surrey and Sussex 1746-1818, Essex 1735, East Riding of Yorkshire 1756-1757, Durham 1802, Lincolnshire 1910, London 1924-1935.
Wills, settlements and mortgages 1719-1937 including a transfer of mortgage 1905, and a list of mortgages on Kiplin estate 1908.
Manorial records for the manor of Scorton (including Greenbury, Great Langton, North Cowton and Scorton) 1692-1854, manor of Ellerton-on-Swale (including Bolton-on-Swale, Ellerton-on-Swale, Whitwell and Uckerby) 1693-1854, manors of Scorton and Ellerton 1778-1834, manor of Eton 1786-1792.
Estate records including correspondence 1732-1931, leases and agreements 1753-1914, accounts 1737-1935, rentals 1843-1903, surveys and valuations early 17th century-1915, agents' notes and papers 1740-1936, drainage 1854-1930, taxation 1799-1930, corn and animal books 1851-1902, household 1853-1907, tithes 1635-1930, gamekeepers' deputations 1772-1834, insurance 1853-1876, arbitration 1858-1914, railway 1904, Surrey and Sussex property 1792-1807, Buckinghamshire property 1632-1769, Worcester property 1786, London property 1935-1936.
Executorial records relating to the executors of George Crowe 1786-1802, executors of Robert Crowe 1776-1839, papers under the wills of George senior and junior and Robert Crowe 1839-1867, executors of Sarah Countess of Tyrconnel 1868-1904, executors of Admiral the Honorable Walter Carpenter 1904-1908.
Investment papers of Admiral Carpenter 1874-1904 and the Carpenter Turnor Settlements 1907-1938.
Legal papers of Close v Close 1722-1727, Christopher Crowe the younger and the Earls of Litchfield 1772-1776, Crowe v Ballard 1790, Batchellor v Smallcombe 1818, Tyrconnel v Pulleine and Cradock 1821, Talbot v Shresbury and Carpenter 1720-1886, Great North of England Railway Company and Tyrconnel 1882-1906, Skelton of a case n.d.
Personal and family records of the Crowe family including Christopher Crowe the elder 1714-1748, Christopher Crowe the younger 1745-1764, George Crowe 1702-1783, Robert Crowe 1783-1818, Sarah Countess of Tyrconnel 1855-1870, Reverend Benjamin Crowe 1716-1749; the Carpenter family including George 1st Baron Carpenter 1719, George 1st Earl of Tyrconnel 1761, Captain the Honorable Charles Carpenter 1785-1803, the Honorable Mrs Elizabeth Carpenter 1838-1842, John 4th Earl of Tyrconnel 1813-1855; the family of Admiral Carpenter including Admiral Henry John 18th Earl of Shrewsbury 1834-1853, Admiral the Honorable Walter Carpenter 1867-1902, the Honorable Mrs Beatrice Carpenter 1918-1920, miscellaneous Talbot letters and papers 1763-19th century.
Poetical, literary and theological papers 18th century.
Genealogies 19th century.
Parish records for Bolton-on-Swale Church 1860-1914; Bolton-on-Swale charities 1721-1872; Bolton-on-Swale School 1870-1912; Catterick, Hipswell, Hudswell and Bolton-on-Swale benefices 1870-1891; Scorton Institute and Reading Room 1889-1915.
Miscellaneous records 1611-1905.
Kiplin and district maps and plans 1723-1920 including a plan of the college at Eton, Buckinghamshire 1753, plans of cottages at Longhills in Gloucestershire 1857 and a map of France 1758.
Date1558-20th century
Catalogue statusCatalogued
Administrative historyThe archive relates mainly to the estates of the Crowe family and their successors. A good collection of title deeds wills, settlements and mortgages forms the main part of the archive; they relate to the purchase and sale of property mainly in Bolton on Swale, Catterick, Ellerton on Swale, Kiplin, Scorton and Tunstall and date from the 16th century to the 20th century. There are also records relating to property in Eton, Buckinghamshire and around Epsom and Banstead, Surrey. In addition to the deeds, the archive includes a moderate quantity of varied estate records, mainly from the 19th century. The estate correspondence provides a useful picture of a number of aspects of the management of the estate in the middle of the 19th century. There are a few manorial records, mainly 18th and 19th century, for the manors of Ellerton on Swale and Scorton as well as various executorial, personal, legal, investment and parish papers with a few maps and plans.

The estate surrounded Kiplin Hall itself and included the entire townships of Kiplin, Bolton on Swale and Ellerton on Swale as well as a considerable acreage of lands in Scorton, Catterick and Tunstall. The title deeds (ZBL/1) show the gradual accumulation and rapid dispersal of the estate very clearly.

The few manorial papers, which are generally in poor condition, relate to the manors of Scorton (including Greenbury, Great Langton, North Cowton and Scorton) and Ellerton on Swale (including Bolton on Swale, Ellerton on Swale, Whitwell and Uckerby). The former manor became part of the estate in 1754 when Christopher Crowe the younger bought up Henry Wastell's estate. The manor of Ellerton was purchased by Christopher Crowe the elder in 1724 together with the manor of Tunstall and a considerable estate in both townships from John Howe. The manorial records are limited, touching only on these two Yorkshire manors and being mainly 18th and 19th century court papers.

There are no surviving papers for the manors of Kiplin and Tunstall in this collection.

The estate papers have survived rather erratically. Much of the 19th century estate correspondence has been preserved. This correspondence gives a fairly clear view of estate management in the mid 19th century. The dominant figure to emerge from the correspondence in John Topham of Middleham, who was solicitor to three successive owners of the estate. He was more than just a family solicitor, he was a trusted adviser and chief man of affairs for the Countess of Tyrconnel and Admiral Carpenter - the latter often being away at sea. Topham corresponded with the owners on all aspects of estate, financial and legal management, he also corresponded regularly with successive land stewards. In the 1880's he gradually withdrew from the daily business and the new solicitor and contemporary estate steward slowly being to dominate the correspondence. The correspondence continues well into the 20th century, but towards the end becomes more and more involved with the dispersal of the estate.

Relatively little personal material has survived for the Crowe family and their successors, but there are commissions, bonds and letters patent, though one of the more surprising sections is made up of the routine captain's correspondence of the 18th Earl of Shrewsbury when commander of HMS Tyne in the Mediterranean, 1837-1839.
Very few maps and plans of the estate have survived in the Kiplin Hall Archive. Only one early 18th century estate plan and no contemporary surveys have survived, though half of a late 18th century plan has been preserved amongst the Bolton on Swale parish church records along with a copy field book 1815, the references of which appear to correspond with those on the estate plan.
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CopiesParts of this collection have been microfilmed [MIC 1565, 1738, 1779, 1625, 1626, 1814, 1982, 2177, 2191, 2198, 2366, 2367, 2383, 2395, 2639, 2640, 2641, 2642, 2679, 2836, 3236, 3461, 4296, 4349].
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