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DescriptionCircuit records for the Wesleyan Methodist circuit including quarterly meetings' minute books 1887-1933, local preachers' meetings minute books 1861-1932, leaders' and stewards' meetings minute books 1864-1879, other minute books 1875-1932, circuit plans 1877-1932, circuit stewards' account books 1878-1920, other account books 1880-1944, circuit extensions 1904-1934, Wesleyan Methodist Twentieth Century Fund records 1899-1902, financial miscellanea 1923-1933, circuit schedules 1857-1975, Chapel and Manse Trust schedules 1873-1969, other property papers1881-1935, correspondence files 1919-1924, miscellaneous records 1864-1901, printed memorabilia and histories 1883-1939; Harrogate Primitive Methodist Circuit records including quarterly meeting minute books 1875-1933, quarter day account books 1875-1900; Harrogate New Connexion/United Methodist Circuit; Harrogate Methodist Circuit post 1932 records including quarterly minute books 1933-1994, local preachers' meetings minute books 1948-1999, other minutes 1933-2010, circuit stewards' account books 1934-2008, circuit plans 1934-2011, correspondence and general papers 1941-2004, circuit news and memorabilia 1932-1998, circuit and chapel property1956-2007, Methodist Missionary Society 1960-1973

Chapel records for Hampsthwaite (WM) 1903-2014; Harrogate Bar (WM) 1871-2005; Harrogate Dragon Parade (PM) 1867-1967 including trustees' minutes 1875-1923, accounts 1875-1913, correspondence and papers 1867-1963, sabbath school accounts 1868-1881; Harrogate Grove Road (WM) 1890-2009; Harrogate Grove Park mission room (PM)1909-1974; Harrogate Harlow Hill (UM) 1947-2008; Harrogate New Park mission room (WM) 1898-1972; Harrogate Oatlands (WM) 1883-2006; Harrogate Starbeck (M) 1875-1998 including trustees' minute book 1929-1976, finance committee minute book 1931-1995, leaders' meeting minutes 1931-1974, church council meeting minute books 1974-1995, new chapel 1930-1932, Starbeck Methodist Church 1931-1981' pamphlet, property committee minutes 1974-1993, accounts 1960-1997, anniversary and bazaar committees 1952-1974, consultation on worship committee minute book 1984-1988, redevelopment appeal n.d; Men's Fellowship meetings 1951-1993; Harrogate Stonefall Park mission room (WM) 1900-1910; Harrogate Trinity (WM) 1879-2011; Harrogate Victoria Park (UM) 1851-1954; Harrogate Wesley (WM) 1824-1968; Harrogate Woodlands (M) 1949-2002; Killinghall (WM) 1877-1995; Pannal (WM) 1778-2011; Pannal Beckwithshaw (WM) 1821-1969

Registers for Harrogate Bar baptisms 1883-1912, Harrogate Dragon Parade baptisms 1875-1966 and marriages 1936-1967, Harrogate Grove Road baptisms 1893-1917, Harrogate Grove Park Mission Room baptisms 1949-1965, Harrogate New Park Mission Room baptisms 1907-1971 and marriages 1963-1970, Harrogate Starbeck baptisms 1882-1946 and marriages 1928, Harrogate Victoria Park baptisms 1865-1950 and marriages 1945-1953, Harrogate Wesley baptisms 1849-1883, Pannal Beckwithshaw baptisms 1899-1958, Harrogate Woodlands Methodist Church on Wetherby Road marriages 1953-1989, Shaw Mills baptisms 1881-1998; Oatlands 1884-2006

Sunday School Union records 1929
Harrogate Methodist Circuit Education and Youth Committee minute book 1979-1995
Wartime Land Army experiences
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Administrative historyFrom 1832 to 1875 Harrogate formed part of the Knaresborough Primitive Methodist circuit. In 1875 a new Harrogate Primitive Methodist circuit was established. This circuit was extinguished on Union in 1932-1933.

The Primitive Methodists had a chapel in Westmorland Passage until 1875 when they transferred to a new chapel in Cheltenham Parade, and the old chapel was leased out. In 1900 they transferred again to a chapel in Dragon Parade which was closed in 1967. The Wesleyan Methodist chapel on Grove Road grew from meetings in a room in Chatsworth Place (which had started in 1886). The school was built in 1892 and used as a chapel until a separate chapel was opened in 1895. The Grove Park Mission Room was opened in 1910 and was sold in 1973. The New Park WM Mission Room was opened in the January of 1899 and was sold in 1972. The Oatlands WM Chapel was built in 1833. A Primitive Methodist chapel was founded at Starbeck in 1878 and opened in 1879 with the Wesleyan chapel founded the following year and opened in 1889. The two chapels came together before Union in 1929 and opened a joint chapel in 1931. Stonefall Park WM Mission Room operated briefly between 1903 and 1905. The foundation stones for the Trinity WM Chapel in Harrogate were laid on the 28th August 1877 and the chapel was opened on the 6th April 1879. Victoria Park UM Chapel includes records from the days of the Salem Chapel, James Street, and some occasional circuit records of the United Free Methodist Connexion. In September 1856 the church reorganised itself with new rules as the Free Methodist Church and on the 1st August 1859 agreed to amalgamate with the United Free Methodist Connexion. The chapel was closed in 1953.

The first chapel in Killinghall was built in 1793 together with a school. The resolution to build a new chapel was passed in 1877 and the building was opened in 1879. Killinghall was in the Ripon circuit until 1921. A new chapel opened in 1973. Between 1778 and 1780 a preaching house was built at Pannal. A new chapel, schoolroom and vestry was built in 1904-1905.
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