Document referenceQSB 1691 6/10
TitleBill of indictment: various inhabitants of Manfield, Newby Wiske, Ilton cum Pott, Catterick with Killerby, Tunstall, Appleton, Aiskew, Bedale, Colburn, Healey cum Sutton, Brough with St Giles, Well, Thornton Watlass, Brampton, West Tanfield, Langthorne, Pickhill with Roxby, Over Dinsdale, Girsby, Thornton le Beans, Thornton le Street, Osmotherley, Borrowby, North Otterington, Knayton, Landmoth cum Catto, Thimbleby, High Worsall, North Kilvington and Leake;
DescriptionBill of indictment of Robert Wilson and Rosimond his wife, Ralph Wilson, Ralph Pinkney, Mary Robinson, Rowland Hinde and Mary his wife, Margaret Robinson, Thomas Peter, Valentine Peter, John Robinson and Elizabeth his wife, George Metcalfe and [blank] his wife, William Smurthwaite, Jerome Smurthwaite, Elizabeth Martin, John Headlam and Jane his wife, Robert Clayton and Thomasine his wife, John Clayton, John Robinson and Elizabeth his wife, Dennis Hodgson, John Cowling and Ann his wife, John Cowling junior, William Clayton, Solomon Swales and Elizabeth his wife, Dennis Hall, Elizabeth Hall, Julian Newton, Ann Newton, Henry Hewitson, John Hewitson, Mary Hewitson, Thomas Bales and Jane his wife, Ralph Bales, Elizabeth Bales, Mary Bales, William French, Thomas French, Elizabeth French, Merill Robinson, Ralph Robinson, Edward Robinson, Kath. Peareth, Margaret Peareth, Thomas Peareth, Ralph Pearson and Margaret his wife, Ann Cockerell, Dorothy Wyvill, Ann Hilderith, William Hilderith, Mary Hilderith, John Hilderith, Frances Perkin, Henry Kirton, Jane Wilson, Michael Wilson, Merill Cockerill, Mary Cockerill, Margaret Cockerill, Thomas Welfoote and Mary his wife, Robert Pannall and Elizabeth his wife, Elizabeth Clerke, Richard Hodgson and his wife, William Atkinson and [blank] his wife, and [blank] Metham gentleman, all of Manfield; Anthony Appleby and Phillis his wife, Henry Lowson and Jane his wife, Edward Lowson and Ann his wife, and Nicholas Procter, all of Newby Wiske; Thomas Warde, John Warde, Richard King and Elizabeth his wife, Humphrey King, Susanna King, Marmaduke Milner, John Tully, Henry Adamson senior and Elizabeth his wife, Margaret Adamson, John Adamson, Henry Adamson junior, Richard Adamson, Thomas Burnet, Frances Jackson, Henry Jackson and Helen his wife, William Pickersgill and Eden his wife, Marmaduke Smith and Elizabeth his wife, Ann wife of George Smith, Thomas Smith and Sarah his wife, Ellice Smith, and Ann wife of Marmaduke Richmond, all of Ilton cum Pott; Marmaduke Thwaites and Elizabeth his wife, William Thwaites, Ellen Thwaites, Mary Griffon, Mary wife of John Hall, and Elizabeth Suell all of Catterick with Killerby; Thomas Bainbridge and Ellen his wife, and Margaret Bainbridge, all of Tunstall; Ralph Croft of Appleton; Robert Berry and Mary his wife, Mary Binkes, Hannah Binkes, Robert Dent, Ann Wardell, Ann wife of John Williams, George Williams and Isabel his wife, and George Cundall, all of Aiskew; James Thornton gentleman, Ralph Grange and Susanna his wife, William Grange and Jane his wife, Robert Raithmall, Cicily Freeman, John Key, Ann wife of George Robinson, Ann Vitty, Richard Metcalfe, Elizabeth Reed, Ann Barker, Elizabeth Metcalfe, Mary Metcalfe, and Margaret Grime, all of Bedale; Ann Edesforth widow, Ann Edesforth spinster, Kath. Edesforth, John Faucet senior, John Faucet junior, and Christopher Langhorne and Jane his wife, all of Colburn; Anthony Wade and Jane his wife, and John Smith, all of Healey cum Sutton; John Lawson baronet, Henry Lawson esquire and [blank] his wife, William Hutchinson, William Tuton, Clare Ile, Barbara Bainbridge, George Ile and Ann his wife, Richard Hall and [blank] his wife, and Mary Hall, all of Brough with St Giles; Robert Lumley and Mary his wife, both of Well; Elizabeth Chaytor of Thornton Watlass; William Tankred baronet, Charles Tankred, Kath Tankred, Kath. Walgrave, Mary Tankred, John Twist, John Young, John Smith, Anthony Trees, Margaret Burton, Margaret Trees, Ann Wilkinson, and Ann Young, all of Brampton; James Bucke and Elizabeth his wife, Thomas Scot and Margaret his wife, and George Barker, all of West Tanfield; George Pearson, Kath. Pearson, and Margaret Pearson, all of Langthorne; Mary Lumley and Mary Gaines, both of Pickhill with Roxby; Thomas Ascough and Jane his wife, George Ascough, Alice Ascough, Joseph Gifton, Mary Peacocke, and Jane Crawfoote, all of Over Dinsdale; Thomas Johnson, Elizabeth wife of John Peacocke, and Ann Peacocke, all of Girsby; Ann Prest and Ann Burton, both of Thornton le Beans; Thomas Dale and Margaret his wife, Christopher Jackson and Margaret his wife, Stephen Kirke and Jane his wife, Sarah Sigsworth, Richard Rootlesse and Elizabeth his wife, Dorothy Greenside, William Jackson, Francis Kirke, Adam Dale, and Mark Rooklasse and Rebecca his wife, all of Thornton le Street; Mary Green widow, Dorothy Green, Mary Green spinster, Jane Kirby, Isabel Kendrawe, Gregory Kendrawe, Mary Kendrawe, and Elizabeth Kendrawe, all of Osmotherley; Christopher Danby senior and Mary his wife, Christopher Danby junior, Mary Danby, Mary Stead, Christopher Stead, Jane Danby, Ann Stead, Francis Peart senior, Francis Peart junior, Jane Peart, Edward Danby and Dorothy his wife, Thomas Danby and Jane his wife, John Burgesse, Thomas Burgesse, Richard Burgesse, Robert Yorke, and Mary Stead, all of Borrowby; Elizabeth Lyon of North Otterington; Thomas Jackson, George Jackson, Elizabeth Jackson, Francis Lucris, William Parvin, Valentine Barker and Ann his wife, John Parvin senior and Dorothy his wife, John Parvin junior, Ann Parvin, Thomas Parvin and Margaret his wife, Mary Bussey, Elizabeth Cowin, Mary wife of Ralph Eeles, Mary Eeles spinster, Edward Webster and Alice his wife, Henry Webster, and Thomas Webster, all of Knayton; John Green gentleman, William Danby and Elizabeth his wife, Mary Danby, and Thomas Peart and Ann his wife all of Landmoth cum Catto; Mary Mitchell of Thimbleby; Robert Berry, Francis Smith, Richard Dalton and Susanna his wife, Richard Bell and Ann his wife, John Redhead and Ann his wife, George Redhead, Susanna Redhead, Richard Hall and Elizabeth his wife, Jane Robson, George Hakin, Laurence Fawcet, John Faucet and Elizabeth his wife, James Allanson and Dorothy his wife, Cicily Atkinson, John Collingwood and Elizabeth his wife, Robert Collingwood, Dorothy Collingwood, Ann Place, [blank] Watson, and John Pasman all of High Worsall; Roger Meynill esquire, Peter Midleton gentleman, Mark Blakey, John Carter, John Gyll, Edward Whitfeild, Ann Manners, Margaret Coates, Barbara Bankes, Christopher Robinson, William Jackson and Ann his wife, Margaret Nicholson, Thomas Jackson and Dorothy his wife, John Hardy and Bridget his wife, Kath. Parvin, Math. Whitfeild and Winifrid his wife, William Dale and Dinah his wife, Ellen wife of John Wilson, Margaret wife of William Haukesby, Ann Clerke, Mary Sweet, William Sweet, and Winifrid Robinson all of North Kilvington, Anthony Danby and Elizabeth his wife, Thomas Firbanke , Susannah Sayre, all of Leake; all aged 16 years or older for not having attended their parish church within the last six months

Offence committed on 24 August 1690
Extent1 piece
Catalogue statusCatalogued
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