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TitleMiscellaneous records of enrolment, registration, deposit, and returns : North Riding Quarter Sessions
DescriptionThis sub-fonds relates to records of enrolment, registration, deposit and returns. It consists of miscellaneous records of enrolment, registration, deposit and returns, including:

- hearth tax returns:
Original certificates by collectors and constables of householders having a decrease of hearths in South Kilvington, Brompton in Pickering Lythe, Seamer, and Everley (Suffield with Everley) [1685]

- inhabited houses:
Returns of inhabited houses [n.d., 1796]

- population:
Returns of population by townships used by the Clerk of the Peace in the compilation of returns to Central Government for the census, with related papers [1801-1841]

- papers relating to Petty Sessions and fines at Petty Sessions:
Returns of fines levied at Petty Sessions which give names of offenders, complainants' name, fine, costs, statute under which convicted, date, and names of Justices [1835-1839]; and name of offender, date, offence, costs, fine, details of payment of costs and fine, and name of convicting magistrate [1868]
Returns by the clerks to petty sessional divisions which include information about places for sessions, days appointed for them, and names and addresses of magistrates on the bench [1854-1855]
Lists of returns of fines [1850]
Returns by Clerks to Petty Sessional Divisions with some townships returns of men appointed to assist in the Ordnance Survey [1843-1844]

- Chief Constables' precepts:
Returns of precepts issued by the Chief Constables of wapentakes. They are arranged by townships, with some details of the type of precept issued [1833, 1837]

- Townships and Constabularies:
Returns by Petty Sessional Divisions of townships maintaining their own poor and constabularies (made following an Sessions Order of Michaelmas 1840) [1841]

- committals to Prison:
Returns of the number of committals from the Division of Whitby Strand to York Castle, 1844-1847 [1847]

- passports:
Replies to a circular by the Clerk of the Peace asking for specimen signatures and seals of the Justices in case of their authorisation for the issue of passports [1858]

- Strensall Common:
A plan of Strensall Common, showing the boundaries of the Common marked on an Ordnance Survey 6-inch map on parchment. There is also an accompanying letter [1880]
Catalogue statusCatalogued
Administrative historyChief Constables' Precepts:
These returns were made following a Sessions order of July 1833.

Records of Hearth Tax:
The Act of 1662 (14 Charles II cap. 10) "for establishing additional revenue upon his Majesty" required an annual payment by every householder of two shillings for each fire hearth. The duty was abolished by the Act of 1688 (1 William & Mary, session 1, cap. 10). Returns were sent into Quarter Sessions and enrolled in duplicate. One copy was sent to the Exchequer in London (and these records are now at The National Archives) and the other kept with the county records. None of these enrolments at Quarter Sessions in the North Riding survive, and very few survive at all.

Records of Petty Sessions:
Returns of fines levied under the Acts of 1828 (9 George IV cap. 31) and of 1848 (11 & 12 Victoria cap. 43).

Strensall Common:
The plan was deposited with the Clerk of the Peace with the Colonel, Commanding Royal Engineers, Northern District, on the instructions of the Secretary of War, probably for public inspection at the time of the Strensall Common Bill (Act 1884, 47 & 48 Victoria cap. 209) for the acquisition of the common rights and the use of the Common for military and other purposes.
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