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TitleRecords of poor relief : North Riding Quarter Sessions
DescriptionThis sub-series consists of records relating to poor relief, including:

- a copy of the Act of 26 George III cap. 56 requiring returns of expenditure on poor relief by the overseers of the poor. (No returns under this Act have been found for the North Riding) [1786]

- a letter relating to returns by the overseers under the Act of 1803 (43 George III cap. 144). The letters enquires whether Lazenby should be included with Northallerton in the return or should make a separate return [1804]

- a list of townships in the division of Bulmer which had made returns of expenditure on poor relief and highways. It includes names of townships, and names of overseers and surveyors [1815]

- returns by the overseers of the poor, arranged by parish, of parochial rates and expenditure for the years 1800-1817 [1817]

- abstract of returns, which include similar information to the original returns, but abstracted into annual volumes [1801-1817]

- notification of the appointments of Poor Law Commissioners and Assistant Poor Law Commissioners, with draft advertisements [1836-1846]

- sealed orders (office copies) of the Poor Law Commissioners relating to the formations of Unions, the keeping and auditing of accounts of Unions, temporary registration districts, duties of guardians, under the Act of 1836 (6 & 7 William IV cap. 86) and the appointment of registrars [1836-1847]

- list of parishes, townships and places in the North Riding making returns under the Acts of 1786 (26 George III caps 56 and 58, Acts for returns of charitable donations and poor relief). Includes a letter [1801]

- returns and related correspondence by the Justices in Petty Sessions relating to the implementation of the provisions of the Act of 1800 (41 George III cap 12, An Act for making better provision for the maintenance of the poor and for diminishing the consumption of bread and corn by directing the manner of applying parish relief) [1801]
Catalogue statusCatalogued
Administrative historyReturns of expenditure on poor relief and highways were required under the Act of 1815 (55 George III cap. 47), and under an order of the House of Lords of 1817. These Acts and orders required the Clerk of the Peace to furnish information to central government on the ever-increasing expenditure on poor relief and rates, and these returns were required by him to furnish this information.

Notification of the appointments of Assistant Poor Law Commissioners were sent to the Clerk of the Peace to be advertised and preserved in the records under the Poor Law Amendment Act of 1834 (4 & 5 William IV cap. 76, s. 11)

Sealed orders were probably sent to the Clerk of the Peace for his information by the extension of the provisions of the Act of 1834 (4 & 5 William IV cap.76, s. 18) that copies of orders should be sent to the parish overseers, guardians, and clerks of Petty Sessions.
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