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TitleRecords of turnpike trusts : North Riding Quarter Sessions
DescriptionThis sub-fonds relates to records of enrolment, registration, deposit and returns. It consists of records relating to turnpike trusts, including:

- register of returns for nine trusts, giving answers to ten questions with details of the name of the trust, location of the road, income, expenditure, trustees, accounts, and Acts of Parliament authorising the trust [1820]

- forms for returns and related papers [1820]

- registers of annual statements of account, giving analysis of accounts with names of treasurer and clerk and some details of the trust, including length of road and authorising Acts. It includes accounts of public companies [1822-1874]

- original statements of account and letters. These statements contain similar information to the registers [1822-1874]

- an epitome of accounts (by trusts) for 1822-1833 [compiled in 1833]

- lists of turnpike trusts in the North Riding [1829 & 1834]

- copy of report on the reasons for amalgamation, and proceeding for the Union of the Harrogate and Hewick and Ripon and Pateley Bridge Turnpike Roads. These records include a statement of accounts and deed of amalgamation [1852]
Catalogue statusCatalogued
Administrative historyUnder the Act of 1820 (1 George IV cap. 95) clerks and treasurers of turnpike trusts were called upon to render returns answering 10 questions on a schedule. The Clerk of the Peace was required to register these returns in a book before forwarding them to the Secretary of State.

The Act of 1822 (3 George IV cap. 126) directed clerks and treasurers of turnpike trusts to send copies of their accounts annually to the Clerk of the Peace.

Records relating to the Union of Turnpike Roads were registered with the Clerk of the Peace under the Act of 1849 (12 & 13 Victoria cap. 46).
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