Document referenceQDL(C)
TitleRecords of corn dealers and inspectors : North Riding Quarter Sessions
DescriptionThis sub-series consists of records relating to corn dealers. It includes:

- declarations of corn dealers sworn before a Justice: gives names only with a few places of abode included in the oaths [1789-1793]

- letters and papers: including papers relating to the nominations of Richmond and Malton as market towns for which prices were to be returned and the appointment of inspectors. Names and abodes of inspectors given [1787 and 1789]

- list of persons having made declarations under an Act of 1821 during the period 1821-1823: gives name, place of residence and date of declaration [1823]

- declarations by John Leefe, to make returns of corn prices, etc at New Malton. John Leefe was acting as a inspector in 1827 [1789 and 1827]
Catalogue statusCatalogued
Administrative historyThe Acts of 1789 (29 George III cap. 58), 1791 (31 George III cap. 30, s. 53), 1821 (1 & 2 George IV cap. 87, s.19) and 1827 (7 & 8 George IV cap. 58), continued regulations under earlier Acts for regulating corn imports and exports. The Acts provided that corn dealers, maltsters and millers were liable for a fine if they bought corn for sale, unless within one month of starting to trade they filed with the Clerk of the Peace a declaration that their returns of prices would be true. The Act of 1789 also provided for the return of corn prices from certain market towns by corn inspectors.
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