Document referenceNRCC/CL 9/2
TitleCase papers returned from the Central Tribunal (including those of conscientious objectors)
DescriptionDuring World War I approximately 16,000 British men appealed against their conscription on grounds of conscience. These men became known as conscientious objectors. The 16,000 does not include men who may have had anti-war sentiments but were either unfit, in reserved occupations, or had joined the forces anyway. Some, but not all, of the appeals from conscientious objectors cases were sent to the Central Tribunal in London for decisions to be made.

Approximately 39 appeals on the grounds of conscientious objection were sent from the North Riding. These appeals are listed within the index of the North Riding Appeal Tribunal papers, but the case papers when returned to the North Riding from the Central Tribunal were filed separately. They have been retained in this separate sequence (NRCC/CL 9/2) but have been cross referenced with the main series of Appeal Tribunal papers (NRCC/CL 9/1)
Extent39 items
Catalogue statusCatalogued
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