Document referenceNRCC/CL 9/1/312
TitleWWI Appeal Tribunal papers: Robert Cecil Bilton
DescriptionNorth Riding appeal tribunal number: 312
Appeal against conscription of: Robert Cecil Bilton
Age: 33
Address: Kings Square, York
Occupation: Stationery and postcard store. Agent for health foods
Local tribunal: York City Council
Central tribunal: No
Military Service Act 1916 or Attested: Military Service Act
Grounds for appeal: a) continue in current occupation, e) ill health or infirmity, f) conscientious objection
Appellant: Robert Cecil Bilton
Summary of Case: Member of the Vegetarian Society since 1904, also a Quaker. Bilton offered to do work which was not linked to the war effort. He had to have medical assessment, appealed as solicitor not allowed to give evidence at local tribunal, case was adjourned at local tribunal. He later stated he was willing to do work under the Pelham Committee. The North Ridind Appeal Tribunal gave Bilton “exemption from combatant service conditional on his taking up before 20 May 1916 work of attendant upon the Insane at York City Asylum and continuing in same occupation.”
Supporting evidence: Yes
Date and decision of North Riding Appeal Tribunal: 4 May 1916. Condition exemption from combatant service
Date4 May 1916
Extent19 pieces
Catalogue statusCatalogued
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